The InfoSTATION has been redesigned top to bottom to be a "mobile-friendly" responsive website.  Although nearly all the original listings have been transferred, there may be the occasional listing that didn't transfer correctly due to any number of compatibility issues.  Please feel free to resubmit any missing information in the new "account" login at the top of the listing search results.  Existing accounts can log in through the account link in the search page using your email and original password from V1 of the InfoSTATION


What's new in the infostation?

  1. The entire public view results have bee modified into a more "standard yellow pages" type of approach, as well as being responsive to mobile devices.
  2. Inclusion of photos have been greatly improved.  You can include multiple images for a photo gallery, as well as use the included image editor to resize, crop or add watermarks to your images.
  3. Google mapping API functions on latitude and longitude of you addressing.  You can turn on or turn off Google mapping (at any time) in your listing with a click of your mouse
  4. Create multiple listings within a single "account" profile
  5. Select business categories you feel best represent your business.  The category list will evolve over time, but since all listings must be in at least 1 category, please be certain to list in either "miscellaneous" or "all"
  6. Manage your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content in your listing.

Help files and FAQ will be available shortly.
Contact if you need any help

Goods & Services Listings will provide you with an ever-growing, ever-evolving and hopefully, an ever-improving sorce of quick access to the goods, services and resources native to the Region.  All local businesses and service providers, organizations and community groups are invited to include their information in the Directory.

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We're creating the opportunity for account holders to post articles, post educational information and promote organizations you sponsor or are involved with.


but you can use it for just about anything else.

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Businesses and Organizations are invited to submit news, articles, promos and other events.

The ideal promo/news listings would be similar to below

  • Events you sponsor
  • Upcoming specials or sales
  • Business and Commercial properties for sale
  • Any announcements regarding your business or organization

Since the InfoSTATION is a publicly sponsored initiative to help promote WWR businesses and economics, we reserve the right to not list things we feel may not be appropriate.  Nearly anything regarding local business will be posted.

How do you request your announcement to be posted?
Simply fill out the information in the...

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Who can request a posting?
Any business, organization or resource that directly serves the WWR Region, whether you're in the region or our immediately direct neighbours.


How long will it take to find out if my posting is accepted?
Normally within 24 hours, Occasionally it may be as much as 48 hours, but the norm will be within 24.

The  Event Calendar can be used for nearly any local event...sports/rec, community, educational/conference promo etc.

We reserve the right to have final say on the events being posted, but unless your posting is illegal, spam or simply inappropriate to this particular forum, you can be 99% assured that we'll include it.  If, for any reason we don't include it, you may ask us for an explanation at


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