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This form allows you to manage your listing on the Info Station. The information fields have directions on what information to submit and explains the reason for each field. Fields marked with * are required to have a listing. It is recommended to enter all the information that pertains to you or your organization. If you have questions please contact Andrew Kenny at 613 646-2282 ext 133.
Part 1. Private Security Information - Your Access Management.
this information will be your ID to retrieve password, and logging in to modify your Listing
*Username: choose a username that you can remember
*Password: choose a password that you can remember
*Contact Name: owner or group leader responsible for Info Station listing
* Private Email: Email to be used for private communication and password recovery.
When completed, continue filling the sections of your listing by selecting the individual tabs at top
be sure to click INSERT LISTING at the bottom of Part 5


Part 2. Public Profile Information

All the information that you enter in this section will be seen by the public in your public profile exactly as you write it. You can customize your public profile by choosing the information that you want included in your profile.

Business name, individual, resource or organization
  Describe your business/resource below Products and Services
Mailing Address
OR below for Google Maps location
Website or Facebook Page


For best results, use language to include individual words/terms/phrases that can be recognized in a keyword search. Follow the sample description in the editor above
Hours of Operation
Seating Capacity
Max Occupancy
Geographical Area Served
Upload a photo to represent your Listing
jpg, gif, or .png formats only - File Limit - 5MB   
Specialized Information
Buy Local "A" Rating   WiFi Availability

Buy Local Rating: A” will appear on your public profile if you can submit a letter explaining examples
of how you or your organization buys local.
Send the letter to akenny@whitewaterregion.ca

  Handicap Accessibility
  Parking Availability
  Public Restrooms
  InfoStation Depot

Motor Biker Friendly?
This is a tourism program requiring special
considerations for motorbike customers.

Ontario Highlands Tourism Association will promote your business to  motor bike groups if you qualify to join their program.

  Private Participation - Your staff would be able to do an Info Station search to help your customers. You would receive an Info Station sign to display on your premises
  Full Participation - Your organization will be promoted as a place where the public can go to access the Info Station website; Your business/organization will be listed on a map with all other Info Station Depots. This option is designed to increase traffic to your location. You will receive a promotional sign.
  WiFi Depot
  Participants will have the free Wi-Fi logo on their Public Profile for your patrons to see
Do you have a Defibrillator on site?
  Private participation: You can offer free WiFi to your customers; You would receive a promotional sign to display on your premises
    Full participation: Your organization will be promoted as a place where the public can go to access free WiFi; Your business/organization will be listed on a map with all other WiFi Depots. This option is designed to increase traffic to your location. You will receive a promotional sign


Part 3 - Public Search Terms:

When a person types a term in the INFO STATION Search Page they will find all the listings that include this term in their product or service list. 

If you leave your product list and service list empty, no one will ever find your listing when doing a search for a product or service. The only one that will find your listing will be someone who searches for the name of your business or organization.

Products List:

List up to 100 general products you offer.

Items must be separated by a comma.

Services List:

List up to 100 general services you offer.

Items must be separated by a comma.


Part 4. Private Economic Development Information:

Information in this section is used by the Township of Whitewater Region to create valuable services to develop economic growth. Only the manager of economic development and the individual holding your username and password have access to this information

Year_Opened: :
Ownership_Type: :
Community_Sector: :
Unique Equipment  
Unique Skills  
Experience: Previous business types and experience: experience in other sectors
Employment_Plans Let the public know if you are hiring or looking for volunteers. Indicate the best choice
Collaberation_Plans Let the public know how much interest you have in collaboration opportunities. Indicate the best choice:
Origins Where do you have ties to other parts of Canada or countries in the world?
Goals: Growth: Expansion: Reduce management commitment: Increase membership/usage: Other

This information is treated as the most sensitive private information. If you choose one of the choices, your opportunity will be kept in a private record and you can have access to a discrete free service that matches business investors with business opportunities.  

Investors looking for opportunities in Whitewater Region would need to provide personal information and describe the type of opportunity they are looking for. This is done to ensure they have legitimate intensions. Business owners will be contacted if there is an investor interested in their type of opportunity. You will be given their basic contact information. If you are interested you can contact the investor. 


Part 5. Communication Clubs:

Email Communications designed with a no junk mail policy. You may choose which Club(s) you are interested in. Only information on your chosen topics will be emailed to you. Indicate interested to receive emails. Indicate member to receive the emails and you can have access to the list of members

Promotion_Club: interest in promoting your business, organization or events  
Distribution_Club: interest in distributing products locally, regionally or internationally  
Innovation_Club: interest in programs that encourage innovation  
Employment_Club: interest in finding employees or employers  
IT_Club: interested in computer training or mentoring opportunities  
Health_Sector_Club: interested in health sector  
Agriculture_Club: interest in agricultural issues  
Tourism_Club: interest in tourism issues  
Agricultural_Employment_Club: interest in hiring or being hired  
Beachburg_Club: Interested in issues concerning Beachburg  
Cobden_Club: Interested in issues concerning Cobden  
Foresters_Falls_Club: Interested in issues concerning Forester's Falls  
Haley_Station_Club: Interested in issues concerning Haley Station  
LaPasse_Club: Interested in issues concerning LaPasse  
Westmeath_Club: Interested in issues concerning Westmeath  
Suggestions: Suggestions for additional Clubs